About the Team

RCS Engineering has been solving problems and engineering solutions since 2008.  We started out competing in Tennessee Valley BEST, and then a new hub opened up closer to our corporate office.  We have been in competition for nine other “BEST” contracts.

Information Technology’s objective is to program the robot itself, so the drivers will be able to easily manipulate it using a controller. The head of IT is Mr.  Zachary Colburn  As he is a Junior this year, he is responsible for educating our new members on how to use EasyC, a simple drag-and-drop programming application. Without IT’s expertise, there would be no way to “drive” and control the robot. Information Technology also resolves any technological problems that may arise in the construction process.

The research and development department is expertly led by department head Mr. Max Moussad, an elite employee with 5 years of experience with the company. Mr. Moussad along with his department, is responsible for the design, revision, manufacturing, and testing of all of RCS Engineering’s products. Working closely with the PR and marketing departments , R&D also manufactures the trade show booth and any necessary products for community outreach or fundraising.

The Marketing Department is currently headed by Mr.Elijah Hawkins. The marketing department handles the actual selling and promotion of RCS Engineering.  They achieve this by creating and distributing business cards and brochures explaining our company, presenting marketing presentations to local businesses and fellow companies to promote interest in the company as well as the BEST Robotics Program, and they design, build, and maintain a company exhibit which is presented at local job fairs, banquets, and the competition day itself.

The Public Relations Department is currently headed by Mr.Braden Bells. The Public Relations department acts as the global image of RCS Engineering.  Public Relations is in place to assist and communicate with our own employees, other companies, first year competitors, and other hubs to promote BEST Robotics internationally. They also make posters and encourage our community to come out and support us on competition day.